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September 2017 Newsletter
  • New Martyrs of Alaska
  • News and Notes 
  • Seminarian Sunday
  • Father Irenaeus' Blog
  • Thoughts of Peace on a Road Trip
  • Family Fun BBQ and Campfire 
  • Matthew Means and Laurel Ramos Wedding October 15th
  • Bridal Shower for Laural Ramos 
  • Inquirers Class
  • Great Feasts in September 
  • Wilkeson Work Day
  • Sunday Matins 
  • An Afternoon in Wilkeson
  • Relics Brought to our Parish 
  • Charities




and more in this month's newsletter



Festal Schedule
Paschalion   2017

Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee


Feb. 5

Sunday of Meatfare


Feb. 19

Sunday of Cheesefare


Feb. 26

Palm Sunday


April 9






May 10



May 25



June 4

• Ss. Peter and Paul Fast


June 12:
    17 days


 The Nine Great Feasts of the Menaion

Nativity of the Theotokos


Sept. 8

Exaltation of the Cross


Sept. 14

Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple


Nov. 21

Nativity of Our Lord


Dec. 25

Holy Theophany


Jan. 6

Meeting of Our Lord in the Temple


Feb. 2

Annunciation of the Theotokos


March 25

Transfiguration of Our Lord


Aug. 6

Dormition of the Theotokos


Aug. 15
Services will be scheduled on the eve and day 


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